Deaf Parenting Stories

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A video series with more than 10 Deaf parents sharing their parenting experiences and tips for other Deaf and hard of hearing parents.

The aim of this video series is to empower Deaf and hard of hearing parents and parents to be and develop confidence in raising their children, especially in a hearing world.

Themes throughout the video series are:

  • communication used at home with their children
  • using interpreters during pregnancy and at birth
  • devices and strategies they used to alert them to noises
  • benefits of bilingualism
  • Child care and education
  • when children realised that their parents are Deaf or different from other families

Also included are some parenting tips, advice and hilarious stories.

The video series are made in Auslan and include subtitles, so that it’s accessible to both Deaf and hard of hearing parents and parents to be. Parents of deaf children may find this video series useful and reassuring that their deaf children will be able to be parents like anyone else one day.

Let’s Talk Deaf Parenting Stories was made possible by the Flora & Frank Leith Charitable Trust.

March 8, 2017

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