Freewheel Stroller

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Using the FreeWheel offers a fantastic option as a wheelchair pram attachment when combined with the rack accessory and a using a car seat. As you can see from this photo the baby car seat is securely on the FreeWheel rack and is then fastened onto the footrest of the wheelchair.

You may not be familiar with the FreeWheel – this is a front wheel attachment that easy clips onto the footrest of most wheelchairs, it enables you to go over rough terrain as it’s clever design picks the front small caster wheels off the floor. This gap then means they don’t dig it and you can go over grass, gravel etc with ease.

There is also the ‘rack’ attachment that fits on top – and with a baby car seat provides this clever way of turning it into a wheelchair pram attachment. This whole set-up is also cost effective and one the pram was not needed you still have the FreeWheel for getting over the park!

January 20, 2020

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