Practical Guide to Equipment for parents with SCI

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The Spinal Outreach Team (SPOT) developed this booklet in conjunction with final
year occupational therapy students from the University of Queensland, in
consultation with parents with spinal cord injury (SCI), health professionals and
support organizations. A literature search of articles from the last 10 years found
limited practical information available, so this booklet emphasizes practical advice
from parents with SCI for other parents with SCI, based on their lived experiences.
The aim of this booklet is to give parents with SCI ideas to help them find solutions to
parenting difficulties, through the use of equipment.
Information in this booklet is categorized into seven common parenting activities,
plus information for parents with limited arm and hand function and another on
general safety issues. Under each heading are ideas that may make an activity
easier and equipment that may be useful. A search of key words in the figure
captions should help find suppliers of equipment shown.

November 14, 2016

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