Using a wheelchair to teach a baby to walk

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Keeping up with a curious, growing baby is a struggle for even the fittest moms, which is why some people have their doubts when a paralyzed woman decides to have a baby. Despite not being able to move from the chest down, however, this woman is proving the world that being a good mom has nothing to do with her ability to walk.

In 2010, Rachelle Friedman was celebrating her bachelorette party when her best friend playfully pushed her into the pool, but instead of coming back up, Rachelle hit the bottom of the pool head first and broke her neck. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she joined a wheelchair rugby league and even took up surfing. She still married her soulmate Chris and with the help of a surrogate, the two became parents to their daughter Kaylee last year.

Like any other 1-year-old, Kaylee has been getting more and more mobile each day, and while she can’t learn to walk from watching mom, she has learned to hold on to the back of Rachelle’s wheelchair for support as she practices standing and walking on her own in the video below.

December 23, 2016

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